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We are Wholesale Dealers in Pure
  • Camphor
  • Katti
  • Slabs
  • Isoborneol
  • Hexamine
  • Synthetic Camphor
  • Camphor Tablet
  • Camphor Powder
and all camphor & chemical related products.
               Our Company is engaged in Wholesale dealing of Camphor Tablets for the past 7 years. The Company was started on 13 September 1998 in the name of "Vinayaka Camphor Company.," registered. Our Managing Director Mr.Kiran Kumar C. is highly qualified and experienced person in this field. Our Managing Director Mr.Kiran Kumar C has visited China and he has contact many manufacturers in China.

           Our Company deals in Pure Camphor & Tablets. It comes in different shape and size and is recognized by our valued customers throughout South India. Today we are well equipped in the process of dealing in Camphor Tablets as per customer requirement and we supply the same within stipulated time after execution of order. Our Camphor Tablets are pure made out of Camphor Powder of high quality. We have control on quality at every stage of processing & production.

           We have started other allied products, Katti marketing the same to our distributors. We are expanding our allied product market in large scale shortly throughout south India. Since our Camphor Products have already earned the reputation of customer and distributors in quality, we are getting very good response from our valued distributors for our new allied products. We have number of retail & wholesale outlets for distributing of our products to the end user.

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