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          Camphor has been burned to purify the atmosphere. It is an excellent Germ Killer. Hindus burn it at the end of their Rituals like fire sacrifice, worship of the God during auspicious ceremonies like marriage, birth of child etc. It is extremely volatile. It burns with much smoke & Bright reddish light. Hindus bring Burning lamp of camphor near them and by their both hands push its smoke towards them and smell it. It is also considered as a ghost Buster perfume. It is believed by Hindus that camphor has hotter, pungent and penetrating aroma. It is so strong as well as powerful that it drives away evil forces such as ghosts, daemons, evil spirits and negativity from the atmosphere as well as places where it has been used. Scientifically speaking, drives away flies, mosquitoes, and all kind of bugs from the place as well as Kills germs found in the atmosphere. As it produces very thick Dark smoke. Western people may not like it to burn it this way. Which Indians do not care, due to their spiritual belief. Best way to burn in the west is to burn its oil in the perfume lamps in the Room to purify the atmosphere and to drive away evil forces, lives in the Room.

          Useful in all kinds of fevers like Measles, Typhoid, whooping cough, spasmodic Asthma, hiccup. In cases of hysteria, hypomania, epilepsy. Its use has been proven effective. Also useful in dysmenorrheal, acute rheumatism etc.

          In case of toothache, its use has been recommended useful. In diarrhea colic pain, food poisoning and several digestive system infection s . Useful in eczema of the genitals. It is a powerful stimulant for digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. Gives stimulation to the heart muscles, helps in mental depressions due to sudden shocks. It should always be taken only in moderation. Excess use may cause nausea, vomiting convulsions etc.
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